There are a few ways to get ready for another school year. If you are responsible for drop-off and pick-up, try pre-driving the necessary route to and from during drop-off/pick-up hours. Leon County has the bus drivers do the same time test before the year begins and it’s a really great idea.

There are a few ways to get ready for another school year

Just remember to add 10-15 minutes for the traffic when that simulation becomes a reality.

Grocery stores and super centers can get crazy when the stores finally post school supply lists. Here are some tips on how to stay out of the line of fire.

Prepare in advance … most schools will post their supply lists online well before the stores get them. This gives you a heads up to start shopping before things get hectic.

Shop as you go … there are basic requests that are on the sheet every year. Pick up tissue boxes, crayons, colored pencils, reams of paper, etc., throughout the summer. Ever heard of all-in one packs? Some genius created an all-in-one program where you can order a backpack and all of the basic school supplies at the end of the school year to be delivered to your door over the summer so that you wont have to worry about a thing!

Where was this when I was a kid? Lastly, we have to tackle the madness that is “Tax-Free Week” or “7% Off Sales.”

I would rather be covered with honey and stuck on a fire ant bed than walk into an Old Navy during tax-free week!

Most people hear “tax-free” and think of all the money they will save. In reality, you can find similar sales throughout the year if you just pay attention to the
holiday hype.

Most stores have fantastic mark downs everyday, you just have to walk through the entire store to get there.

So put your blinders on, stay focused, and look for the orange tags! The first few weeks of school can be nuts. But in a few short months, you will be
wondering how that school year flew by so fast. Good luck getting fired up for another new school year!

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