On the first Friday of every month from 6pm-9pm you can support local artists and businesses in the Railroad Square Art Park while enjoying live music and performances.

The park is open for anyone to roam for free, not to mention dog-friendly, so it’s definitely worth stopping by. Don’t worry— there’s so much variety you can find something for everyone.

Railroad Square Tallahassee Florida

As you probably guessed the Railroad Square Art Park is home to an array of artists and art galleries. As you’re making your rounds you can hop between galleries, where there’s a wide range of possibilities: several mediums of both 2D and 3D art, interpretive performances, and even interactive

Along your walk you can enjoy a variety of live music of diverse genres performed by local artists, almost always accompanied by dancing.
Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, find a gift for someone, or just browse, there are a number of stores you can endlessly peruse.

You can find herbal and spiritual items, furniture, antiques, vintage clothing, comics, custom printing, camp gear, pottery, crystals, and the list goes on! Or if you’re more in the mood for an activity, there’s also a rock climbing gym and theater group, as well as opportunities for yoga, meditation, and martial arts.

Railroad Square itself is home to a handful of food and beverage options such as Black Dog CaféProof Brewing Company, and The Crum Box
—but if that’s not enough for you, plenty of food trucks gather in the center of the square to provide even more choices!

Every First Friday is unique, so even if you’ve been before you should consider checking it out again. The galleries are constantly being updated and you never know what sort of performance you might run into; belly dancers, tap dancers, quartet singers, poetry readers, and bikers are all fair game, just to name a few!

Now is the time to mark your calendar for the first Friday of every month, and be sure to make it out to Railroad Square!

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