From the bushes in Cascades Park, around the public library, to the trees of Tom Brown Park, this trend has got people on their feet and ready to explore. What could possibly be causing such a stir? Tallahassee Rocks!

The trend comes from neighboring counties, and has become popular in Tallahassee as a way to get out of the house and bring a little joy to a stranger’s day. 

How does it work you may ask? It’s simple. The idea is to play hide and seek with decorated rocks. 

This may sound like a simple game, however, it’s about more than just hiding rocks. You must first create a work of art to be hidden. The first step is to collect a few plain rocks, and then transform them with simple crafting supplies such as paint and glitter. 

People have painted everything from a miniature Picasso to slogans such as “you are brave” on the surface of their rocks. Once you have created your masterpieces, the next step is to disperse them into Tallahassee to be found by the next explorer. 

But the excitement does not stop there! Not only should you be scattering your artwork around town, but you should also be keeping your eyes out for stones left by those before you. Some explorers use a “take one, leave one” approach.

The idea has become so large, that it currently has almost 10,000 group members on Facebook alone. 

It really is a great way to bring exposure to some of the forgotten places in town. Tallahassee has a wealth of parks readily available to the public for exploration. With the explosion of technology and such a vast array of indoor activities, simply going to the park and walking around has almost become a thing of the past. 

However, with the excitement of sharing your craft, as well as the anticipation of finding a few hidden gems, Tallahassee Rocks creates enthusiasm for getting back outdoors. Not only is this an activity geared towards getting kids and adults outside and active, it is also a cost effective solution for those looking to have a blast on a budget.

For more information and to see the artwork others have chosen to decorate their rocks check out the Tallahassee Rocks Facebook page and join the movement that is sweeping the town. With some of the most beautiful parks and greenways in the state, you can’t possibly go wrong with getting out and exploring the places that make Tallahassee truly unique.

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