Just south of Tallahassee, the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge stretches over 70,000 acres along 45 miles of beautiful North Florida coastline.  

This beautiful area is rich with cultural history dating back almost 15,000 years. More than 300,000 people come from all over the country to visit the Refuge each year. Visitors enjoy bird watching, hiking, biking, fishing and touring the Lighthouse

St Marks Lighthouse

The St. Marks Lighthouse has been a navigational beacon for over 150 years, guiding recreational, military, and merchant vessels from all over the world. Environmental education programs are also provided at the Refuge. Programs include Tots on Trails, Families in Nature, Digital Nature Photography and various summer programs for the kids in school. 

Annual festivals and special events also draw hundreds of visitors. The natural beauty of the Refuge is a favorite spot for painters to draw inspiration. Others come to check out the Butterfly Gardens and then some just visit for the solitude the Refuge provides.

In any event, I highly recommend taking some time to check out St. Marks. You’re sure to love it!

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