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Wakulla Springs Keeps It "Cool"

If you love the outdoors, then look no further than a 20 minute drive down Crawfordville Hwy. There you’ll find Wakulla Springs, the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the entire world!

Hop on one of the guided boat tours, where you’ll see tons of alligators, turtles, manatees and colorful birds. The tour guides are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

On rare occasions (when the water clarity allows it), glass bottom boats are used for the tours. Pre-historic animal fossils still line the banks in the deep waters of the spring and patrons have been known to see Mastodon remains as they peer into the abyss.

There’s also a 22-foot tall observation tower made for jumping! There’s usually a long line of younger folks waiting to take the leap into the cool 69 degree water of the springs.

It’s the perfect solution on a hot summer day.

If you like to stay active, then bring your bike (or you can just hike if you prefer). There are 3 nature trails to chose from, all great for exploring!

When the day is done, please don’t forget to visit the Ball Room Restaurant at the Lodge, where you’ll find all sorts of delicious Southern cooking. Yum!!!

So what are you waiting for? Pack a  lunch, grab your swim trunks and head to the springs. I promise you’re going to love it!

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