Ever yell at the movie screen saying, “Look at the table!” or “Don’t go in that room!” - or think to yourself, “If that was me, I could get out of there no  problem!”

Well Tallahassee is finally giving you and your friends the chance to put your detective (and survival) skills to good use in the highly anticipated “Escape Room - College Town” coming soon to 730 W Gaines Street.

Friends and strangers unite to book an escape room where you are given only the scenario and the task at hand. It is up to you to work together looking for clues in your surroundings to solve a series of puzzles and complete the task to “escape the room” in only 60 minutes.

So far, the Escape Room has a Zombie Autopsy and The Doll Room on tap to debut this month, but be on the look out for many more terrifying and thrilling rooms to claw your way out of.

A phenomenon that began in Asia in 2008, there are more than 3,000 active escape rooms around the world today  and Tallahassee is next on the list to get our own griping experience.

All participants must be 16 or older unless accompanied by an adult.